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2007 Invitational  
May 18-20, 2007
Ginn Reunion Resort
~ Reunion, FL

Championship Flight

1st Annie Ewings ~ 2nd  Gwendolyn Irvin ~ 3rd Edna Buckley
First Flight
1st Ruby Fields ~ 2nd Carmen Swanson ~ 3rd  Delphine Davis
Second Flight
1st Leslie Banks ~ 2nd Marva Cosby ~ 3rd Virginia Lockhart
Third Flight
1st Gloria Roberts ~ 2nd Katie Catron ~ 3rd Gloria Howard
Fourth Flight
1st  Leona Woods ~ 2nd Naomi Bryson ~ 3rd Beverly King

2008 Invitational
May 16th - 18th 
Orange Lake Resort 
~ Orlando, FL

1st Esther Wilson ~ 2nd Lynda Donahue ~
3rd  Edna Buckley

1st Gloria Jackson ~ 2nd  Emma Mosley ~ 
3rd  Yvonne Payne

1st Denise Langford-Morris ~ 2nd   Patricia Elliot ~ 3rd  Lucile Pernell 
1st  Sally Sherman ~ 2nd Candi Jenkins ~
3rd  Faye Horton
1st  Leona Woods ~
Tonia Knighter ~ 3rd Marcia Brickley

2009 Invitational
May 15th - 17th
Innisbrook Resort  ~ Palm Harbor, FL

Championship Flight
1st Annie Ewings ~ 2nd Lynda Donahue ~ 3rd Sylvia Tysinger

First Flight
1st Caroline Nabeta ~ 2nd Cynthia Marcy ~ 3rd Lucile Pernell

Second Flight
1st Katie Catron ~ 2nd Barbara Washington ~ 3rd Cheryll Smith Martinez

Third Flight
1st Shirley Dones ~ 2nd Beverly King
~ 3rd Leona Woods

2010 Invitational 
May 14th - 16th

 Orange Lake Resort ~ Orlando, FL

First Flight

1st Esther Wilson 2nd Cassandra Doty 3rd Karen Elaine Webster Park 

Second Flight

1st Carolyn Suttles 2nd Barbara Washington 3rd Carnell Wilson

Third Flight

1st Roberta Cormier 2nd  Ethel Hodges 3rd Jewell Braswell


2011 Invitational 
May 20 - 22

 Reunion Resort and Club ~ Orlando, FL

First Flight

1st Gross - Esther Wilson 1st  Net - Lee Willis2nd  Net - Cassandra Doty

Second Flight

1st Gross - Jeannette Osborne 1st Net - Lois Bennett 2nd  Net - Cynthia Marcy

Third Flight

1st  Gross - Gildred Barber 1st Net - Dolly Hill 2nd Net - Shelly Drakes


2013 Invitational
April 26-28
Sycuan Golf & Tennis Resort ~ ElCajon, CA

Championship Flight
1st Lynda Donahue ~ 2nd Esther Wilson ~ 3rd Elise King
First Flight
1st zMillie Chadwich ~ 2nd Beverly Thompson ~ Gwendolyn Brown
Second Flight
1st Nesi Stewart ~ 2nd Shirley Dones ~ Dorothy Hawkins
Third Flight
1st Sharon Sanders ~ 2nd Barbara Davis Hines ~ 3rd Dollie Hill

East West Team Competition
All Players were included the first day of Play...the 2 top scorers from each flight represented their respective zone to determine the winning team.
East Won 13 to 8

2014 Invitational
May 16 - 18
Sandestin Beach and Golf Club  ~ Destin, FL 

Championship Flight
1st Yvonne Sandoval ~ 2nd Cynthia Joubert ~ 3rd Esther Wilson

First Flight
1st Janet Contee ~ 2nd Caroline Nabeta ~ Glinda Edmondson

Second Flight
1st Dinah Phillips ~ 2nd Felecia Dawson ~ Barbara Davis Hines

East West Team Competition was won by the West

2015 Invitational 
April 24 - 26
Desert Pines Golf Club ~ Las Vegas, NV

Championship Flight
1st Juanita Williams ~ 2nd Audrey Jordan ~ 3rd Liz Mitchell - 4th Donna Doss-Burley

First Flight
1st  Alice Jackson  ~ 2nd Gwendolyn Brown ~ 3rd  Cynthia Marcy ~ 4th Jenny Bethune

Second Flight
1st Beverly Thompson ~ 2nd Gloria Howard ~ 3rd Janis Carter ~ 4th Doris Lacour

Third Flight
1st Dollie Hill ~ 2nd Dinah Phllips ~ 3rd Ivanlene Cass ~ 4th Barbara Ramlochan

Fourth Flight
1st Rosemary Spriggs ~ 2nd Naomi Bryson ~ 3rd Penny Cunningham ~ 4th Louise Fobb

East West Team Competition won by the West

2016 Invitational
May 20-22
Reunion Golf & Spa Resort ~ Kissimmiee, FL

Championship Flight
1st Low Gross  Lynda Donahue ~ 2nd Low Gross Esther Wilson
1st Low Net Lena Tice ~ 2nd Low Net Helen Smith

1st Flight
1st Low Gross  Cynthia Joubert ~ 2nd Low Gross Darlene Cooper   
1st Low Net Jewel Braswell ~ 2nd Low Net  Lucile Pernell 

2nd Flight
1st Low Gross Thelma Price ~ 2nd Low Gross Renee Walker
1st Low Net Gloria Howard  ~ 2nd Low Net Sally Sherman

3rd Flight 

1st Low Gross Dollie Hill ~ 2nd Low Gross Rosalind Thomas
1st Low Net Janelle Cole ~ 2nd Low Net Nancy McLaurin