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Welcome Sisters!

Sisters Across America, Inc. consists of golfers and non-golfers who are bound by the passion for our mission.
Since our inception in 2006, we continue to embrace our activities with respect, integrity and teamwork.
Sisters Across America, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit corporation of women from across America,
committed to carrying out the mission, vision and goals of  the corporation.

Our Mission is

"to provide support and mentoring for young minority women

who pursue a professional career in golf."

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Getting Started with SAA

Sisters Across America has something for every one.  
Whether you love to play golf or have strong interests in supporting our misson,  there is a place for you.    




Since our inception in 2006, our membership has grown.  We have members spanning the country from the East and West coasts. Come Join Us!

Mission Focused


SAA stays focused on our vision and mission.  Whether you play golf or not, supporting young minority women pursuing professional golf is priority.

What's Next?


Saturday, December 2nd

Ventura CC Golf

Tee time are 9:00, 9:07, and 9:15 am

(3 tee times reserved)  $34 +tax.

Limited space for 12 players

 We can order lunch from the menu.  Bring a $10 gift for the Christmas gift exchanging. 
 Responses required by
Wednesday, 11/29/2017

Our 2017 Mentee 
Ginger Howard
Earned LPGA Card 2016 Season

  Share Our Vision.  Share Our Passion!

The challenges facing aspiring professional golfers are universal, and are both financial and emotional. While talent and capabilities are the minimum attributes to compete successfully at the professional touring level, the availability of financial resources or sponsors is critical and a necessary component. This is especially true for aspiring minority female golfers who might not have grown up participating in USGA, AJGA, or state junior golf programs; or might not have played on one of the major college golf teams to gain critical development experience and exposure. Along with talent and exposure - comes sponsor, financial, and development support.

We believe that many young talented minority female golfers abandon or defer their dreams solely because of the lack of necessary financial support. Our goal is to solve that problem by making available the financial and mentoring resources of Sisters Across America. In doing so, we will enable qualified talented individuals to concentrate on developing their golfing skills and ultimately play on the LPGA Tour.

Sisters Across America is dedicated to the mission of providing the financial and mentoring assistance to selected qualified candidates aspiring to play on the LPGA Tour. We believe that both support elements will make possible the realization of the dream of successfully playing at the Touring Level.


2017 Pictures Coming Soon...!

2016 10th Anniversary Golf Invitational 
@ Kissimmee, Florida

Another stellar year for our Invitational.  We had 85 participants for the 10th Anniversary Invitational.  The success of this event far exceeded our expectation.  We are delighted that so many Sisters Across America share in our mission.  We had participants from 18 States...AL, AZ, CA, FL, GA, IL, LA, MA, MD, MI, NJ, NV, OH, OK, OR, SC, AND TX.

A world of thanks to all who participated.  Your presence and your contributions are greatly appreaciated.  We realize you have a choice of golf tournaments to play and we are honored you chose to play with us.

We extend an enormous gratitude of thanks to our Volvik Sponsor, Don Shin and our Busome Sponsor, Kevin Kim.  Thank you both for sharing in our mission.  Many thanks to Maria Chang for her assistance in securing our Sponsors.

A special thanks to Faye Horton, Lucile Pernell (Co-Tournament Directors), and their committee for a job well done.

We look forward to seeing you all next year.    

Don't forget to Bring A Friend!


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Board Of Directors


President - Faye Horton

Vice President - Joe-Ann Lys

Secretary - Cheryll Smith-Martinez

Treasurer - Annie Ewings

Tournament Director - Cassandra Doty

Webmaster- Annie Ewings

Program Director- Lenora Morris

 Parliamentarian - Esther Wilson

Historian - Eunice Mann

East Coast Board Advisor - Lucile Pernell

West Coast Board Advisor - Lynda Donahue